Cribbage Scoring Aid

For those just starting to play cribbage or for those teaching a new player you may find the basic scoring of cribbage to be a little confusing. When I started out my grandfather scribbled notes about the basic cribbage scoring hands on a small piece of paper. I carried this in my pocket and referenced it often… until it was barely legible… and by then I didn’t need it any more.

I’ve done my best to recreate those notes here as a “cribbage scoring aid.” You can download a PDF of this cribbage cheat sheet for your own use. I’ve also added crop marks on the cribbage scoring aid to make it easy to cut out and tape to a playing card for easy reference… and hopefully help you preserve the scoring aid for a little longer than my grandfathers scribbled notes.


Download the PDF of the Cribbage Scoring Aid.

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7 Responses to “Cribbage Scoring Aid”

  1. nomaddmh Says:

    I’ve been playing at to help me improve scoring of my cribbage hands. Playing on their site, it will tell you all the combinations of points you got to get your total score. They have a great cribbage java app and there’s more and more people joining every day. It’s a really fun community. They currently have traditional cribbage, as well as Kings Cribbage and looks like they’re going to add more variations (like muggins, joker’s wild, etc) soon as well!

    • cribbage Says:

      Hi Darren,

      I’m happy to note that we’ve been talking with and we’re currently working on a partnership where they will include CrossCribb in their offering of online cribbage related games. More to come soon.

      • cribbage Says:

        I’m happy to say CrossCribb is live at You can play the computer or someone else online. Very fun. Check it out!


  2. John R. Says:

    There is one error on the sheet. The left side says that his nobs is the same color as the cut card and the right side says it is the same suit as the cut card. The right side is correct.

  3. cribbage Says:

    OK. Finally got this updated. It’s now 2016. So… it only took me 4 years! Tony

  4. Brad Says:

    Thank you, kindly for this!! I will tape the cheat sheet to a Joker card. This will be useful when I go and play with my client today who lives in an adult family home. 🙂

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