I’ve been a cribbage fan for over 30 years. My grandfather, Maynard, taught me the game in the 70’s… when I was seven. He taught me the basics. How to discard, peg and count. He taught me strategy. I can still hear him saying “mind your fives, sevens, and eights.” He also taught me to be ruthless. Always offer the cut, take muggins and play to win.

He’d then invite me to play with his buddies within their retirement community. Imagine a dozen grumpy old men playing cribbage as if they were on auto-pilot. Sure, they would accept to cut, as it was cute a kid knew the oldest trick in the game. But it didn’t take long for their demeanor to change as they realized they might be beat, or even skunked, by a 7 year old. I could always see my grandfather smiling from the corner of my eye, and I was beaming inside.

Whenever I play cribbage I’m always taken back to that moment, feeling the rush of victory and the warmth of being my grandfather’s prodigy. Cribbage has been a favorite past time ever since.

Crib Notes is my effort to pass some of the joys of the game and knowledge I’ve gained on… as my grandfather did for me. Enjoy.

Tony Nelson

Maynard’s Game Company
Minneapolis, MN 55422 USA

Manufacturer of CrossCribb
The game of cribbage strategy, luck and double-cross.



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