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CrossCribb Online League Play

March 26, 2012

CrossCribb Online League Play

Are you up for the challenge?  Are you ready to play some of the best CrossCribb players in the world?

Now is your chance!  We are starting the first ever CrossCribb league play at April 1st, 2012.  This will be a great opportunity for players to compete against others on a regular basis.  Enhance your CrossCribb skills or just demonstrate your superior CrossCribb knowledge as you compete in this friendly and competitive league.

For all the details visit

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Online CrossCribb Beta Version is Live!

July 7, 2010

Happy to let everyone know that you can now play CrossCribb online against anyone you would like.  Got a friend in another country?  No problem.  Just fire up your web browser and head over to and start a game!

The beta version of CrossCribb Online is available for two player games. However a computer opponent will be available soon as well as a 4 player version.

Directions to play:

2)Select the CrossCribb icon in the left hand menu
3)Scroll down until you can view the play now button and select it
4)Then select play now again if an additional button appears
5)You will need to create a user name and password
6)This is a Java based game – so you will need to load the Java program on your computer.  This may take a little time to download, but once you’ve got it the game plays very fast.
7)Wait for the game to load and then enter a lounge.
8)Within the lounge view the menu at top and select the game category in the left corner of screen.  From there select “Start New Game” and then select CrossCribb.  Currently the beta version only supports 2 player games.  So once you’ve selected the play options you will need to wait for about a minute to have someone join the game you’ve created.

Have fun and please let us know what you think!

Cross Cribb Online at

Cross Cribb Online at

CrossCribb Available on Soon

May 17, 2010

Great news.  We’ve formed a partnership with where CrossCribb will now be available to play online at and  Production of the online version of CrossCribb is underway and we expect it to be live by mid-summer (around August 1st).

Following you will find the entire press release: and Maynard’s, LLC form Partnership to Bring CrossCribb® Board Game Online, a fast growing online cribbage community catered towards revitalizing cribbage is bringing Maynard’s highly touted CrossCribb® game online.

Bethlehem, PA (PRWEB) May 16, 2010 — CrossCribb® is a strategy board game that takes a traditional favorite, cribbage, and modifies the play to accommodate a unique twist of offensive and defensive competition. CrossCribb uses conventional cribbage scoring rules as you try to build five high scoring cribbage hands while simultaneously sabotaging your opponents’ hands. It’s an easy game to learn, but difficult to master.

“I am very excited to bring this innovative cribbage game to,” says Damien Blond the founder of eCribbage. “Players have been asking for CrossCribb for some time now, and they are thrilled to be getting their beloved 5 by 5 cribbage game at their favorite cribbage site. Adding CrossCribb to further distinguishes eCribbage as a haven for cribbage enthusiasts.”

eCribbage has recently surpassed 18,000 registered players and now hosts up to four tournaments a day covering its wide variety of cribbage games. CrossCribb will be added to the eCribbage tournament line-up to create an even more diverse tournament atmosphere. CrossCribb will also join the eCribbage Leagues further enhancing the new league play. The online version of CrossCribb® will be accessible through both and

“The community of cribbage fans Damien Blond has been able to bring together with is truly amazing. I’m excited about the opportunity to introduce CrossCribb to this community and provide an online version of CrossCribb for existing CrossCribb players. Also, after receiving numerous requests for a venue to play CrossCribb tournaments over the past fourteen years, I’m happy to announce that we will finally have one soon, at,” says Tony Nelson, Creator of CrossCribb and Owner of Maynard’s, LLC.

About eCribbage:

eCribbage is the leader in online cribbage gaming and boasts the largest collection of unique cribbage games available online. Its flagship games consist of Traditional Cribbage, Kings Cribbage, Crash Cribbage, Lowball Cribbage, Cribbage with Jokers, and now, CrossCribb. eCribbage is known for its friendly community and constant enhancements to the site, helping make it the perfect online cribbage experience. In order to promote friendly competition, eCribbage now hosts multiple daily tournaments.

eCribbage is free for anyone who wants to play, and also has a membership program for its enhanced features. Some of these features consist of: unlimited private messaging, high priority tournament registration, ability to play the advanced computer opponents, loads of statistics, top 10 player charts, personal records against other players and much more.

About CrossCribb®:

CrossCribb is a board game that uses conventional cribbage scoring and provides a challenging twist to the traditional favorite. Played on a game board with a 5 x 5 grid the objective is to build five high scoring cribbage hands while sabotaging your opponents’ hands simultaneously. The game accommodates 1 to 6 players and provides versatility, including numerous variations of play: CrossCribb 20:20, CrossCribb DoubleTrouble, and Killer CrossCribb. Developed in 1996, CrossCribb’s versatility and defensive play has generated a niche following of avid CrossCribb fanatics.

Visit or for more details.

Unlock CrossCribb PC Version For Free!

May 12, 2010

Just for you, a CrossCribb promotion! Get full access to the computer version of CrossCribb for free.  Play all levels of difficulty against the computer, play all variations with a generic password and code from Maynard’s, LLC.
If you enjoy the board game you will also enjoy the PC version of CrossCribb. You can play the computer in 3 different levels of difficulty as well as a variety of variations. This is a great way to enhance your CrossCribb skills or learn the basics.

CrossCribb – the computer version.

Send us an email that states “I’m a CrossCribb fanatic – give me the code!” for a generic registration code that will allow you to play all the CrossCribb variations available on the computer version.

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Become a fan of CrossCribb on Facebook.

November 20, 2008

In an attempt to see how social networking works for an independent game I decided to create a facebook page for CrossCribb.  To my surprise the page generated 4 friends over night (including my mother and brother).  Not sure if CrossCribb will generate as many fans as Guitar Hero (327,457 fans) or Uno (311,325 fans)… but it least it will be an area where people can congregate and discuss their CrossCribb moments.

Check it out! Become a fan!