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Killer CrossCribb Suggestion

October 20, 2011

Killer CrossCribb Rule Suggestions from Nate.

I just received this email from Nate who has suggested some changes to the rules for Killer CrossCribb.  He makes some great points, so I decided to copy his email here.  Please let me know what you think!

Nate’s email —
okay… we played your Killer Cross Cribb version last night.

It’s where you can cover any one card on the board… and there can’t be two cards on that spot already.

So there is no crib in counting.

After playing it a couple of rounds… it makes total sense to just keep that option open until the last card played…. in turn
it causes a huge point swing on the last couple of cards which seems it is more luck then skill at that point.

Which I think is not good.

So here is my suggestion.

Each person can cover one card up during the round, but may not cover any card in which a row that is connecting is already completed (yours or opponents)

I think that adds total strategy instead of luck… if someone has a 4, 4, 5, 6 in a row you better cover up one of those cards
before they put the 5th card down. And I don’t think it would be fair if someone had 4, 4, 5, 6, 6 in a row because you didn’t pay attention
and then just cover up the 5 on one of your last cards and they only get 4 for that row.

If you never cover a card before the possibility’s end out;  you simply put the extra card off to the side like you would throwing it into a crib.

We went back to the original rules after the first game and played another 4 games last night.

hope all is well



Cribbage in the Field

July 22, 2011

The Walker Art Center’s free, family-friendly, all ages cribbage extravaganza. How cool is this?!?
Aug 20th from 10 AM to 2 PM

Facebook Page for Cribbage in the Field:

Open Field Blog:​/openfield2011/

Cribbageland Page:


Become a fan of CrossCribb on Facebook.

November 20, 2008

In an attempt to see how social networking works for an independent game I decided to create a facebook page for CrossCribb.  To my surprise the page generated 4 friends over night (including my mother and brother).  Not sure if CrossCribb will generate as many fans as Guitar Hero (327,457 fans) or Uno (311,325 fans)… but it least it will be an area where people can congregate and discuss their CrossCribb moments.

Check it out! Become a fan!


May 27, 2008

I’ve been a cribbage fan for over 30 years. My grandfather, Maynard, taught me the game in the 70’s… when I was seven. He taught me the basics. How to discard, peg and count. He taught me strategy. I can still hear him saying “mind your fives, sevens, and eights.” He also taught me to be ruthless. Always offer the cut, take muggins and play to win.

He’d then invite me to play with his buddies within their retirement community. Imagine a dozen grumpy old men playing cribbage as if they were on auto-pilot. Sure, they would accept to cut, as it was cute a kid knew the oldest trick in the game. But it didn’t take long for their demeanor to change as they realized they might be beat, or even skunked, by a 7 year old. I could always see my grandfather smiling from the corner of my eye, and I was beaming inside.

Whenever I play cribbage I’m always taken back to that moment, feeling the rush of victory and the warmth of being my grandfather’s prodigy. Cribbage has been a favorite past time ever since.

Crib Notes is my effort to pass some of the joys of the game and knowledge I’ve gained on… as my grandfather did for me. Enjoy.

Tony Nelson

Maynard’s Game Company
Minneapolis, MN 55422 USA

Manufacturer of CrossCribb
The game of cribbage strategy, luck and double-cross.