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Online CrossCribb Beta Version is Live!

July 7, 2010

Happy to let everyone know that you can now play CrossCribb online against anyone you would like.  Got a friend in another country?  No problem.  Just fire up your web browser and head over to and start a game!

The beta version of CrossCribb Online is available for two player games. However a computer opponent will be available soon as well as a 4 player version.

Directions to play:

2)Select the CrossCribb icon in the left hand menu
3)Scroll down until you can view the play now button and select it
4)Then select play now again if an additional button appears
5)You will need to create a user name and password
6)This is a Java based game – so you will need to load the Java program on your computer.  This may take a little time to download, but once you’ve got it the game plays very fast.
7)Wait for the game to load and then enter a lounge.
8)Within the lounge view the menu at top and select the game category in the left corner of screen.  From there select “Start New Game” and then select CrossCribb.  Currently the beta version only supports 2 player games.  So once you’ve selected the play options you will need to wait for about a minute to have someone join the game you’ve created.

Have fun and please let us know what you think!

Cross Cribb Online at

Cross Cribb Online at